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Sexy Awesomeness, that's me!

So, first thing's first: Here is a lovely picture of the contents of the Astroglide Gift Basket which I won from Toy With Me. It was WAY more stuff than I thought, so I am extremely grateful!!

As you can see, this includes:


(I think it's hilarious that this picture was saved as 11069...snort...69...haahahaha...Yes, I know it's immature! Stop laughing at me!)

-Six small to large bottles of Astroglide, different brands (including a fancy 'all natural' kind, ooOOOooo)
-Three mini sample bottles
-Astroglide Temporary Tatoos (I am so putting one on my butt and taking a picture...cause I CAN.
-Some 'Please Do Not Disturb' signs, which were desperately needed. I can't really make woopie when people constantly knock on my room door.
-An Astroglide Coffee Thermos, which is FABULOUS and unexpected. I really needed one...and what better than it to say "ASTROGLIDE" in purple letters?!
-Some weird mint thingies that are vaguely cinnamon flavored and have 'astroglide' on the tins.

I KNOW, right??? Is that not Teh Shit?? Thanks again, Toy With Me!!!!

Oh, is another contest to win yourself some cool swag!!

In this contest, by posting these gorgeous EdenCafe banners on or in your blog, you can be entered to win! Click the links, for real!! They are hosted by Eden Fantasys, which all of us in the sexy-time toy bloggosphere know are Teh Shit for selling high quality sex toys, books, lubes, and more. Go buy something!!



Aren't they pretty?? oooOOOooo.

I am also putting one in the side bar link...CLICK IT! You know you want to!!

You can enter the contest yourself, here:


  1. Thanks for showing off all your goodies Rose. Did you know you can get a "ToyWithMe" button now for your site? Just go to our homepage to get one. I am going to tweet this post with a link. Thanks again, Sandy

  2. AWESOME!!! I am absolutely posting it.