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Today is a great day for body parts, my friends!!!

Not only is there an ingenious post on Toy With Me about what you would do if you had a penis for a day (Which I definitely commented on...HILARITY) but I was also posted on Boob Emancipation again! And I am due to be posted there again TOMORROW!! Oh YEAH!!

I am happy. How about you?? What would you guys do if you had a penis for a day? Or ta-tas for a day? I'd like to know.

Personally, I'd pull a Crissy and run around the house with a strap on dildo. Make it an extra large purple one and you've got Hermaphrodite She-Man to the rescue!! HO YEAH!

hermaphrodite vs. crotchrotian from the gilberts on Vimeo.

I can't find the actual blog post where Crissy runs around grabbing herself but BOY IS IT AMAZING...

Anyways. I'm gonna go off and continue having no life. :)

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