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Sexy Awesomeness, that's me!

So, first thing's first: Here is a lovely picture of the contents of the Astroglide Gift Basket which I won from Toy With Me. It was WAY more stuff than I thought, so I am extremely grateful!!

As you can see, this includes:


(I think it's hilarious that this picture was saved as 11069...snort...69...haahahaha...Yes, I know it's immature! Stop laughing at me!)

-Six small to large bottles of Astroglide, different brands (including a fancy 'all natural' kind, ooOOOooo)
-Three mini sample bottles
-Astroglide Temporary Tatoos (I am so putting one on my butt and taking a picture...cause I CAN.
-Some 'Please Do Not Disturb' signs, which were desperately needed. I can't really make woopie when people constantly knock on my room door.
-An Astroglide Coffee Thermos, which is FABULOUS and unexpected. I really needed one...and what better than it to say "ASTROGLIDE" in purple letters?!
-Some weird mint thingies that are vaguely cinnamon flavored and have 'astroglide' on the tins.

I KNOW, right??? Is that not Teh Shit?? Thanks again, Toy With Me!!!!

Oh, is another contest to win yourself some cool swag!!

In this contest, by posting these gorgeous EdenCafe banners on or in your blog, you can be entered to win! Click the links, for real!! They are hosted by Eden Fantasys, which all of us in the sexy-time toy bloggosphere know are Teh Shit for selling high quality sex toys, books, lubes, and more. Go buy something!!



Aren't they pretty?? oooOOOooo.

I am also putting one in the side bar link...CLICK IT! You know you want to!!

You can enter the contest yourself, here:


It's a Lucky Day!!

Today, I won an Astroglide Gift Basket via @Toywithme for my huge enthusiasm about what exactly IF I had a penis for a day!! How AWESOME is that?? Thank you Toy With Me, and Astroglide!! WOOHOO. I shall report back like a good little blogger to let you all know how the lubes hold up against my insatiable sexual appetite.

I was also posted again on Boob Emancipation!!! OH YEAH. They just couldn't resist posting a picture of me again. I know, right?? My ta-tas are just THAT juicy and delicious. Ohh, yeah. I make myself smile.

I also went to Bellingham today and saw my sister. She is doing well in her new place with her roommates. I wish her the best of luck!! While there, I walked around town with my sister and my mom, and we looked at shops. The Sister showed me an AWESOME huge record store, which had almost everything you could imagine there that I like! So I bought myself a Prefab Sprout CD (From Langley Park to Memphis) and PJ Harvey's Is This Desire? They are FABU. I adore Prefab Sprout, they are full of Teh Awesome. And I figured I'd like to have a PJ Harvey CD for myself, so...why not?

While wandering around in an empty alley way I also found some amazing graffiti by the back door of some club place that Teh Sister likes to go to. I will post pictures...cause they are just THAT awesomesauce.

I mean, Jesus on a freakin T-Rex? Really???!! HAHA!!!






SUPER COOL, right?? I love Bellingham.

Win Delicious Sex Toys by Answering this Question...!!

Well, bloggies, I am here to repost a blog from Heartbreak Nymphomania!! I want to win, but I want other people to try and win, too, because it's FUN!! So, here is a repost about her blog, and I'd like to know what it means to you, TOO!! :D

What does your gender mean to YOU?

This might seem like too much of a queer-centric contest, but even if you don't play with your gender necessarily, I'm sure you still have feelings about your gender.

Lately, I've been thinking about my own gender more, and while appear mostly feminine, I often wish that I could wake up and just pick whatever gender I wanted to be that day, and be it. Soon I'm going to be doing a series of posts/HNTs exploring my own gender(fucking), and I'm really looking forward to reading about other people's takes on gender. I thought combining a shout out for feedback with a contest would be cool.


I'm not giving away as much as I was for my last contest, but the prizes are still pretty sweet:

1. A Femblossom Heat from Emotional Bliss!

Not only does this vibrator vibrate, it heats up, matching the speed and frequency of the vibrations. After you use it, the Femblossom also secretes an antibacterial agent which means you can clean it with a quick wipe.

Specs: variable speeds + frequency, curved to fit the body, lats from 90-240 minutes, heats up + self-cleaning.

2. A Tantus Ryder!

Specs: silicone, 4.1" length and 1.5" diameter.

3. A Lelo Bo from Tabu Toys!

Specs: silicone, rechargable battery, lasts for up to 2 hours.

How to Enter:

To enter, you need to do two things:

1. Leave a comment on this post in response to the question: What does your gender mean to you?
2. Spread the word about the contest! Either reblog or retweet. Or both, if you wish. If you're reblogging, exact text would be best (don't hotlink to the images, though), and you can add your own words to it. Link to the blog post in a comment. You can only do this a minimum of once. If you're retweeting, do so at least once and a maximum of ten times, and use the following text: RT @wilhelminawang What does your gender mean to you? Answer and win some sex toys!
3. (Optional) Subscribe to my RSS feed and let me know in your comment that you have :)

Each comment, reblog and retweet will earn you one "entry" into the contest, and after all the entries are in I'll use a randomizer to select the winner :) Yep, only one winner this time.

Deadline to enter: November 21st, midnight, EST.

The Fine Print:

- Tabu Toys is only willing to ship within the continental US. If you're not in the continental US, you can still enter, but if you win I will request that you cover shipping costs because otherwise I'll have to pay for it out of my own pocket. You can pay for the costs via PayPal.



Today is a great day for body parts, my friends!!!

Not only is there an ingenious post on Toy With Me about what you would do if you had a penis for a day (Which I definitely commented on...HILARITY) but I was also posted on Boob Emancipation again! And I am due to be posted there again TOMORROW!! Oh YEAH!!

I am happy. How about you?? What would you guys do if you had a penis for a day? Or ta-tas for a day? I'd like to know.

Personally, I'd pull a Crissy and run around the house with a strap on dildo. Make it an extra large purple one and you've got Hermaphrodite She-Man to the rescue!! HO YEAH!

hermaphrodite vs. crotchrotian from the gilberts on Vimeo.

I can't find the actual blog post where Crissy runs around grabbing herself but BOY IS IT AMAZING...

Anyways. I'm gonna go off and continue having no life. :)


Were the World Mine

I know I haven't written in a while...I just haven't been able to bring myself to blog, when my last post BOTHERS ME...I mean...I can't figure out, for the life of me, how to adjust the margins, so the P-wolf video I uploaded is all weird. Oh, man, you definitely should watch that video, though, because it is SEXY.

Speaking of sexy, I posted my own kinky sex-toy experiences on toywithme lately. That blog is amazing!!

Oh! I also won an OhMiBod Club Vibe from @ohmibod on Twitter. She is constantly giving away delicious music-powered vibrators, so follow her to get some swag!

Why do all the pretty, pretty, pretty boys have to be gay? Okay, not all of boyfriend is damn fine. HAH...but some men, you just kind of die a little when you see them, and then WHAM you find out they are gay. Talk about a bummer. Thaat was random...

Speaking of random, I submitted more pictures to Boob Emancipation! If you haven't seen their website, check it is AMAZING. All about freeing the ta-tas and stuff...all delicious.

Oh, I am soon to post my own review of Lelo Ella...because I can. And, I am soon to recieve that OhMiBod Club Vibe that I mentioned earlier, so maybe I can squeak out a review on that.