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Forgive Me, Blogosphere, For I Have Sinned

Wow, what is with this title today??

Well, anyways, I just wanted to apologize, because I have totally NOT been posting on here, or reading comments, or anything. BAD mistress. BAD!

I know, I know, who really reads this anyways? But, for those who commented on my Wishlist, I am sorry in advance!!

I send you tons of hugs and sloppy wet drooley kisses to help make up for it. :D

I wuv you guys, I couldn't be anywhere on this darned thing if it wasn't for you! ^_^ Sort of. And Blogspot. Yes...WORSHIP BLOGSPOT...I guess.

You know, some people think that I don't have enough clothes on for this blog, but you know what??? You guys can suck my big dick, which is probably already bigger than yours...because, I really don't think I look all that bad, and why not be open and out about things? What is there to hide? If you don't like it, all you have to do is close the page. :)

This person the other day I know, who I shall call Bill (unfortunately not a sexy asshole vampire, know.) said to me, "It was creepy, it was like opening up a Playboy and seeing someone you knew." Well, THANKS, Bill. I take that as a compliment! That says two things: I am sexy enough to be in Playboy and you could jack off looking at me. Hopefully you're not, seeing as you have a girlfriend, but whatever floats your boat. But, just so you know, Bill...I AM WATCHING. YOU.

Anyways, I had a fan-fucking-tastic Christmas and New Years, and I really think this next year is gonna be a kick-ass year. BRING IT. Just...gently, you know? To quote Mommy Wants Vodka: "This year is going to be the Year of Me," and I completely agree. Call me selfish, but, you know, I AM the only person around here that MATTERS.


Anyways, I really wish we could have had mashed-potatoes for new years so I could stick my dick in it just like Crissy.

Not that I have a dick.

That you know of.

Anyways, even if I did, it would be big, silicone, veiny, and purple. Like, violet purple. Because I can.

Doesn't having monies rock??!! HAHAHAAHAHAHAAA!! *evil cackle*

What did you guys do for your Christmas break, other than fantasizing about me and Crissy sticking our dicks in the mashed potatoes?


  1. sorry my dear, but you are nowhere near hot enough for playboy, they actually want girls to look like girls =(

  2. I'm sorry, I suppose you find it neccesary of your time to waste your energy trying to insult me because you think it's funny? Please stop. This is my blog, if you don't like it, don't read it.