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Let's Start with Introductions

Lets see...what to say about idea. Well, my name is Rose. I love sex toys, sexy, anything kinky. I consider myself a closet slut. I love feeling sexy. I love showing off my hard-earned ta-tas, and I laugh when people feel the need to cover up their sexuality. I understand the correct time and place to talk about your sexcapades, but I don't get offended, no matter what I hear. I love reading my favorite blogs (listed to the right) and I have way too many sex toys saved to my Amazon wishlist. Wait...there is no such thing as too many. HAAHAHA.

I have a boyfriend, who is amazing and doesn't mind in the slightest that I am completely open about my sexuality.

Speaking of sexuality...who doesn't love boobies???! I even love them (of course, I am bisexual, so...)! I am so PROUD because I have posted a picture to the Boob Emancipation Project, and they PUBLISHED IT. Oh YEAH. I am proud that my babies are online for everyone's viewing pleasure. They DESERVE to be oogled and touched, and a motorboat or two is even in order.


Oh YEAH. Check out those amazing girls! I am going to post more, too. SPEAKING of sexy pictures, I had a sexy picture fest last night, so I am going to share a few with you, because I just love them so much.



Photobucket (TA-TAS!!)



HAAAHAH I have way too much fun. I mean, I know they are only crappy cell phone pictures, but HEY...that is better than nothing!! I really have to get a better camera...

Anyways, I am gonna go off and get in the shower and run around my house naked.

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